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I do national and international work for corporations, institutions, public figures (politicians, musicians, artists, producers, business tycoons, etc.) and individuals.

Private, not itemized work includes documentation of functions, private and commercial portraits, artists presentations, private shoots or photography courses.

Name Location Country Industry Work
Credit Suisse Zurich Switzerland finance corporate portraits
Brillenhaus Aarau Aarau Switzerland optician several advertising campaigns and portraits
Heizmann AG Aarau Switzerland industrial enterprise employee and corporate portraits
Praxis Dr. Schmid Aarau Switzerland dentist employee- and corporate portraits
ProPede Niederlenz Switzerland orthopedist employee- and corporate portraits
Aarauer Nachrichten Aarau Switzerland media several portraits and cover photos
Sandra Dimo Marketing Sinnovation Niedergösgen Switzerland Marketing Boutique Visuals for customers
National Geographic Washington DC USA media, nonprofit scientific institution editor's choice during one week in 2012
Ismar Istanbul Turkey supermarket chain chief executive portraits for IPO
Caucasian University Association Baku Azerbaijan university cultural reportages in the Caucasus
Ballett Zurich Zurich Switzerland ballett compagnie backstage documentaries, animations and -portraits
Opera Zurich Zurich Switzerland opera house portraits for advertisement campaigns
SGLA Berne Switzerland Swiss FM Grand Lodge lodge portraits/documentaries for the Swiss Masonic Museum
Schweizer Mobiliar Aarau Switzerland insurance employee and city portraits
Swissolar and Nova Energie Lausanne Switzerland energy sector conference documentary
City Tower Members Club Aarau Switzerland restaurant corporate and employee portraits, food and location
Ville d'Aimargues Aimargues France government aerial shots, touristic videoclip
Global Personal Zurich Switzerland recruitment agency employee portraits
Hotel «La Rocca» Ascona TI Switzerland hotel employee and corporate portraits
Restaurant «Mürset» Aarau Switzerland restaurant advertisement campaign
Restaurant «Oscar One» Aarau Switzerland restaurant & bar corporate visuals
Kindergarten Villmergen Villmergen AG Switzerland kindergarden kids portraits
Rock & Pop Center St. Gallen Switzerland music school event documentary
Swiss Consulate General Strassburg France government event documentary and portraits
Sprachart Wettingen Switzerland translation agency employee portraits
Schweizer Illustrierte Zofingen Switzerland media home story reportage
Glückspost Zurich Switzerland media home story reportage
NiRo Music Aarau Switzerland Record Label corporate and artists portraits, artwork
Feuerwehr Untere Emme Kt. Berne Switzerland government event reportage
Europe's Human Rights Watchdog Aarau Switzerland media several reportage/documentary visuals
University of Ardahan Ardahan Turkey University regional and landscape documentary, teachers portraits
Restaurant «El Camino» Aarau Switzerland restaurant corporate portraits and advertisement visuals
Friends of the Ballett Zurich Zurich Switzerland society board member portraits
Gygax Uhren & Schmuck Aarau Switzerland jeweller corporate portraits, events and advertisement visuals
Rabten Choeling Mont-Pèlerin Switzerland Buddhist monastery portraits and event documentary
Swiss Garrison Aarau, Zurich Switzerland STAR WARS Fan-Club portraits and event documentary
alevo AG Baden Switzerland consultancy corporate visuals
Beaumonde Volketswil ZH Switzerland fantasy festival portraits and event documentary
Raiffeisenbank various Switzerland finance corporate portraits
Masonic Museum Switzerland Berne Switzerland museum photography exhibits
Stilles Zürich Zurich Switzerland Meditation Project corporate visuals
Voestalpine Zurich Switzerland high performance metals corporate visuals
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