My Offer Portfolio


Authentic travel and cultural documentaries.

Company portraits, advertising and product shots, events and staff portraits.

On-site reports and reportages from various corners of the world.




Travel Documentary.


Artistic presentations for CDs, posters, advertisements, flyers and social media campaigns.


Macro Photography.


Production-specific staging for a lasting recognition effect.


and lucky in love - Wedding Documentary

Preserve for posterity Reportages Preserve for posterity
Photo reportages can be dedicated to a specific topic or document an event. They can also be taken in connection with an excursion or during a trip at home or abroad. As the client of such a reportage you can count on both photographic and intercultural competence as well as a respectful interaction with people from other cultures and their spaces.
For personal presentation Portraits For personal presentation
Portrait photos are taken for a wide variety of purposes: As a gift for your loved ones, as a supplement to application files, as profile pictures on social media platforms - or simply for your own pleasure, because portrait photography puts you in the center of attention.
for the artistic expression Artwork for the artistic expression
Artists impress with their art. In order for them to find their way into the target market and to assert themselves in it, they must present themselves in the best possible way, independently and outstandingly. Artist productions are my specialty - whether for CD covers and booklets, posters, social media posts or your own website - authenticity, style and elegance are guaranteed.
for advertising, marketing and presentations Corporate for advertising, marketing and presentations
Business photography is versatile, because the business world needs photos of buildings, products, services and people. Whether it's photographic material for company portraits, advertising and product shots for posters and brochures, portraits of employees or photographic accompaniment for conferences, congresses and open day events: you will find professional image and concept work under the same roof. Translated with (free version)
for the spotlight Artists for the spotlight
For public figures, image development and care are part of their everyday work. Whether you are a musician, artist, politician or singer: your face appears on posters and flyers, in program booklets, magazines and books, on sound carriers, websites and on social media platforms. Let us advise you, photographically accompany you during your performances and have your artwork including photos created by a professional, because skilful self-portrayal is an art. Translated with (free version)
for your own competence Photography Courses for your own competence
Experience has shown that photo courses are most successful when, after a short theoretical introduction, you can try out what you have learned in practice on the object for a whole day. Whether city life, water, moving objects, party, architecture or landscape photography: The topics of the course day are individually tailored to your interests - and if you do not want to enjoy the day alone, you can share it with max. 2 photographing friends. Translated with (free version)
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